Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thank you to glue

What is not to love about glue? 
It sticks, it brings things together and on a really rough day I'm told you can even improve your mood by sniffing it! Joking. Please don't do that. (Although if anyone can lay they hands on a Pelifix, the blue Pelican themed glue stick that dominated my 80s schooldays, and is now doubtless irrevocably changed, I'd love another whiff of that coconutty cobalt delight before the science teacher busts me.)

Glue can stick almost anything together. 

It can reverse accidental (or purposeful) breakages, can act as your weapon of choice for another botched DIY job, it can glue little shaky eyes to conkers (my 3yr old), fingers to tables (my 3 yr old again) and occasionally it performs minor miracles.

On my tummy there is now a 20cm long incision from above my navel down into my groin. I believe the technical term is midline incision. Now 'flaunting it' in a bikini is relatively low down my priority list at present, but owing to the miracle of surgical glue, I think that might just be a possibility in the future. (We will ignore the stoma issue for now)

But seriously, what might have become a gnarly scar suggestive of a career fighting in bear pits (which is clearly not entirely dissimilar to wrestling my toddlers at times), is set to simply become a fading memory of a difficult period.

Surgical glue is truly amazing. It makes my wound feel like a varnished spine snaking across my lower body. Like the knobbly, crested ridge of a dinosaurs back. I have a stegosaurus on my tummy, what an exciting prospect! My son would be thrilled if only he understood.

I can't remember when I last gave a second thought to glue. It may be an essential in my 'arts and crafts' box for rainy days, and in my toolbox for breakages, but today, in honour of surgical glue (which I probably never will, and never should lay my hands on), I will be purchasing it's less powerful cousin 'skin glue' to add to my first aid kit so that, if needed, I can share this minor miracle worker with others who may need it in the future. 

Thank you glue.

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