Monday, 31 October 2016

Feeling grateful for...toast and for bedding that is not coated in plastic

In a world full of daily vexations, of highs and lows, my new blog is about trying to identify the mystical silver lining when it feels like the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan. For those that know my writing style, this won't be unicorns and roses, just candour, occasional dark humour and a smattering of emotion. If you like it, share it, comment and every time I write I will try and find something to be grateful for.

Today I am feeling grateful for toast. Proper toast with white sourdough bread, lashings of butter and a smear of marmite. It has been over a week since I last sampled such a delightful breakfast, and I've missed it. 

However it's more than toast that I've missed. This last week I've been away from home. Not by choice, but by chance. Last week, (in the words of the Fresh Prince), "this is a story all about how my life was flipped - turned upside down." 

The short version goes a little like this: bloating, spasms, painkillers, ignore everything. Spasms, grimaces, ambulance, A&E. Major abdominal surgery, ICU, colostomy bag and FINALLY recovery. But of course it's far more complicated than that.

The thing is, in a world of pain and challenge, the little things often make the biggest difference. Buttered toast, a warm shower, a decent cup of coffee and a comfy bed. Speaking of which, oh how I have missed my bed! The combination of the tropical climate on the ward, along with plastic coated pillows and mattresses conspires to ensure you wake up in a sweaty heap every hour. You are then tyrannised further by the incessant beeping of machines as you try to cool down,  rearrange your pillow fortress and once again endeavour to escape to slumber.

Hospital was an extraordinary place for me; a journey into another land with ripe fodder for discovery, for learning and for future blogging, but I am so very glad and grateful to be home. 

Everyone loves their home, their stuff, their clutter, their own style. Messy as sin or clean as a whistle, it's your own space to shut out the world. 

In today's homage I find myself grateful for all those little things you take for granted, the things that make home, home. Be it a certain smell, the contents of your fridge, a montage of family photos or indeed the ability to make proper toast.. (and eat it whilst reclining on non plastic coated, cotton bedding)...take a moment to appreciate these things. You never know when they might just disappear.

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